Forward Delete on MacBooks / MacBook Pro Series

As everybody might know, the MacBook and MacBook Pro Series don’t have a dedicated “Forward Delete” button.
You can forward delete with FN+delete but honestly, one button is more comfortable than two.

The older white and black MacBooks do have, for some unknown reasons, an “enter” key right next to the command key (on the right side of space key). For what we need an “enter” key although we already have the “return” key remains a mystery.

The newer models and also MacBook Pro Series do have a second alt/option key on the right side.

I found a program which can now remap the “enter” key, “option” key or any other key to become a “forward delete” button.
And the best is, that it is a Freeware!

I attached it and if you would like to have a dedicated “forward delete” key, pls follow my instructions.
It’s not difficult so I think not each of you need to call me for instructions 🙂 You can do it 🙂

1. Download the Software from this Link.
2. double click on it and follow the instructions for the installation
3. Click on the  key on the top left corner of your screen
4. Click on “System Preferences”
5. All way down you see a new icon named “Double Commander”. Click on it.
6. Checkmark the 10th field from the top left (it says: Enter Key acts as Forward Delete)
7. Click on “Activate”, “System” and close.

That’s it, you are genious. You could do it alone.
Now the small enter key is a FORWARD DELETE.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well you claim that the program can remap the "option" key or any other key to become forward delete button but I don't see that actually happen….

  2. Bernd says:

    Hi. Yes it worked for me and all our customers using that key. Just under Snow Leopard it stopped working sometimes, also you would have to click one time on it for every letter you want to delete instead of just keep holding it down.See the latest entry in my blog and you will see that I found another program which does key remapping much better. But as mentioned there, you need to uninstall DoubleCommand first.

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