Hi everybody and welcome to this newly generated blog.
The main purpose of it is, to share helpful news, tricks and software with our valued customers.

As I am married to Apple (you know what I mean) and addicted to Blackberry (I know what you think, I love the iPhone too but it is not a business tool), you can be assured that I study it a lot and have lots of knowledge about it. I’m always trying to search for ways to expand these devices with new software to ease our business life.

Of course we don’t do it all for free, from time to time you will see that beautiful yellow “Donate” button.
You can donate as little as $1, it’s not really for we could make a living of it, but that way you keep our motivation high 🙂

And well, not only use our hints and ideas but whenever you need a new device, don’t forget to buy from NetSol. As you might know we sell all kind of computer hardware and software, including Macs and also Blackberry Devices. We mostly have several devices in stock and lots of accessories.

And I am sure we give you the best support you could get anywhere in Thailand.

Ready to go?

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  1. b-man says:

    Hi Benny,Great blog, I always lean to you for advice and keep buying from Netsol and for sure it’s the best customer service ever in Thailand. I can highly recommend it, and now free advice for all on the web, great.Cheers B.

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