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For our customers who are using our Kerio Mail Servers and want to setup accounts for their Blackberry themselves, we added a manual on our Web-Site.

Please follow this link.
Customers who are using standard POP3 Mail Servers or Providers like Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail etc. don’t need to do much at all. Just login to your Provider’s BIS Web-Site and click on “add new account”. Now enter your email address and password, that’s it. You are done.
Here are the links for the BIS Web-Sites in Thailand:
You can setup a maximum of 10 eMail accounts on the BIS web-site for your Blackberry.
One important note for Gmail Users!
The Gmail email system is working a bit different then all others.
In fact, whenever you send out an email using your Gmail account on the Blackberry, you will receive a copy of that email on your Blackberry again. That’s a bit annoying, so here the solution:
– Login to your Provider’s BIS Web-Site (see links above)
– Select your Gmail account and click on “Filter” on the right hand side
– Create a new filter and under Filter “Apply Rule when” and then choose “From field”.
– Enter your own email address
– Checkmark “Do not forward to device”.
Apply and that’s it.
Hotmail Users
Microsoft forces Hotmail Users to re-enter their password for the hotmail account on the BIS Web-Site every 90 days. No idea how much they drunk before getting that idea, but for me it’s another reason to avoid Microsoft wherever I can. Hey guys in Redmond, we’ll never get friends. That’s for sure!

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  1. Kit says:

    thanks for this post. trying to use BB Connect on my nokia and couldn't find anything on AIS's website as usual. cheers!

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