Blackberry Sync with Mac

All of our valued customers which are using Blackberry and Mac know the one big problem left there; the sync of contacts, calendar, tasks etc. between these two devices.

We spent months trying to find just one single Sync Software which works.
And we always got disappointed.
Google Sync (to Gmail) was actually working fine, just it deleted your address details 🙁
Pocket Mac for Blackberry was a software which could only used for the first sync only, just to get your contacts to the Blackberry. Then there have been several others which failed badly and there was “The Missing Sync”. I used to call it “The Missing Contacts” as it always screwed up my contacts, stripped details off or just deleted some.
Now we saw that they released a brand new Version of “The Missing Sync” and I did not hesitate to test it. To my big surprise, it worked just perfectly good. Synced calendar, contacts, tasks, even pictures and music and some documents. All without an error. And the real cool thing is, that after the first initial sync over USB cable you can then do all future syncs via Bluetooth. Hold on, it’s getting even better. There is a function for the Bluetooth which recognized your phone automatically once it is in range of your notebook and make an automatic sync. It syncs even contacts pictures.
Now you need to make one thing sure: Sort out your Apple Addressbook / Entourage Addressbook before you sync. It should be clear that three different phone numbers in one contacts can’t be names “mobile”. So you need to use “home, work” etc. instead.
After you have done this, you can sync just fine.
Oh and well, The Missing Sync costs US$39.
In my opinion, a good investment as it is so far the only one Sync program which does not mess up your contacts.
Anyway they have a 14 days Trial. That should be good enough to evaluate.
Follow this link for more info and to download a Trial Version.
And do NOT FORGET TO BACKUP YOUR Addressbook / Calendar etc. prior syncing.
Just to make sure ….

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