News 13/July/2009

AIS has lowered the Flat Rate for unlimited GPRS/EDGE from 850 Baht per month to 650 Baht per month.

Blackberry Storm 9530 is still not working with AIS Thailand but Storm 9500 does.
(Someone with a Blackberry Subscription through TRUE MOVE should try and let me know whether it works there)
3G is now announced to arrive middle of next year, leaving Thailand to be one of the last countries in Asia (or even the last) to get 3G. And till now it’s only coming by TRUE so far, not even AIS. What the heck …..
iPhone 3GS to arrive at TRUE next month, prices still not available but hey, if you are a biz person go for Blackberry better.
Thai Software for Blackberry Storm will be available in August 2009
Mac OS Snow Leopard due to arrive in September 2009. Upgrade available for US$29 (according to Apple)

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