Don’t upgrade to AppWorld

If you are using Blackberry AppWorld in one of the unsupported countries (wanna say that most countries are unsupported so far) then do NOT upgrade to version as otherwise you won’t be able to purchase Blackberry Software anymore. You won’t even see them anymore. Free Software however can still be downloaded.

Hey RIM, why the heck you start that crap similar to Apple’s iTunes Store? Is my Thai Credit Card not good enough for you eh? And what about my VERIFIED PayPal account? Sorry but these unreasonable limitations outrage me. Give me just one reason as to why you not leave it open globally? What’s the problem with it?
And if any reader knows a link where we can still download the old version (from an unsupported country), please let me know so I can post it here. All previous download links don’t work anymore. Shame on you RIM!

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