Listen Radio on your Blackberry

Since a long time I tried all possible programs which allow me to listen to international radio stations on my Mac. But they all somehow haven’t been much stable or haven’t had some international radio stations I’d like to listen to. Now I stumbled over a software which allows me to listen radio on my Blackberry. Thousands of stations available and indeed, all the stations I like to listen to.

I must admit that I did not even wanted to try the software due to my experience so far. But eventually I downloaded it and I was blown away. As I am typing here, I already listen for more than one hour to my favorite german radio station and believe it or not, not even one time buffering. Totally stable and great quality. The software is free but to access certain international radio station you need to have a subscription. It cost’s $3.99 per month which I’d like to say is a very fair pricing. I streamed over my wireless network, it also runs on EDGE/3G but specially on EDGE the quality might be less good and buffering might occur from time to time. But for anyone having a Blackberry with WiFi it should be a must. You’ll love it.
And the non-plus-ultra is, that if your car’s stereo supports Bluetooth, you can stream to your car’s speaker. So cool, driving on the streets in Thailand and have your favorite overseas Radio Station playing!!!!
Check it out here. Or download it directly from your Blackberry Browser. Just enter

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