Snow Leopard is here ……

Get the Snow Leopard DVD for THB 1,190 Baht.

Great improvements, but careful, still some third party software vendors haven’t updated their software yet for compatibility with Snow Leopard.
Check this link for the most common programs to see whether they will work or not:
Nevertheless I have to admit that it’s much better than Leopard, many small improvements you only find out once you work with your Mac. But all very helpful. And overall speed is also much much better. Ways more responsive compared to Leopard.
Only really big issue if you are using Network Printers is, that they removed the AppleTalk protocol. Till now I didn’t find any reasonable explanation from Apple why they removed it.
You should still be able to get your network printers working, but it’s not as straight forward as it used to be. And anyway, you have “us” for help 🙂

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