Skype & BlackBerry …

After it has been quiet now around the native Skype for BlackBerry application, I am not so sure anymore they are still working on it after all. But one thing I found out is that even you would have Skype on your BlackBerry, you could still not do calls over Skype which is related to RIM’s API programming. You would only have one way communication, like a walkie-talkie.

I did somewhere else however read, that RIM is working on that and maybe that brings some day a native Skype Client.
For now I tried several third party Skype products and they all somehow failed beside one.
ShapeServices is offering IM+ Instant Messaging for BlackBerry.
This piece of software is a real great product and beside Skype, you can chat via MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, AIM, Facebook and more in the same time. Just one software that includes all your Messengers. And it works really great and it’s gentle to your battery life as well.
The only cons with this software is its price. $39.95 is ways too much for a phone application in my opinion. Nevertheless I bought it and not really regret it.
They offer a 7 days Trial so you might check it out first. And one more thing, they make it easy if you ever change the device. All you need to do is to enter the Serial Number in the new device. It will then automatically be disabled on the old device.
Check it out here.
It has lot’s of features to offer, also for notifications.

—– Jan 15th 2010
Another issue just came to my attention.
When using this program with Skype on your BlackBerry and let’s say you have Skype on your computer running as well, then nobody can call you anymore. That’s pitty for me as I have a Skype number overseas which my family can dial to call me. Such calls would usually arrive on my computer’s Skype or, if I am offline, be redirected to my mobile phone.
I contacted the Support of this software and they said they will soon include a function that allows the call for 20 seconds to go through to your Skype running on the Computer. Just wonder how reliable that would be. I actually don’t want to miss any calls.

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