iPhone & iPad Prices in Rayong as of 15/Nov/2010

iPhone 4 32GB – 25,600 Baht + VAT 7% (Stock)
* iPhone 4 is factory unlocked and carries full 1 year Apple warranty

iPad 16GB Wifi – 17,900 Baht
iPad 32GB Wifi – 21,500 Baht (promotional price)
iPad 64GB Wifi – 24,300 Baht

iPad 16GB Wifi & 3G – 21,900 Baht
iPad 32GB Wifi & 3G – 24,900 Baht
iPad 64GB Wifi & 3G – 28,300 Baht

4 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    I live in Rayong and just found this post. Do you still have iPads for sale?

    • Me! says:

      Hi. Only one unit 32GB Wifi which is now 18,900 Baht incl. VAT
      Everything else unfortunately sold out.
      I checked yesterday with the iStudio Store in Pattaya and also there it is sold out and they have no idea when new ones are coming in.
      But in case you are looking for a Wifi only iPad, then you might be lucky with the one I have left in stock.

  2. Dave says:

    Awesome. I live pretty nearby (near Rayongwit). When could I come pick it up? Can I follow the map on your website?

  3. Me! says:

    Yes you can follow the map. My mobile number is 081-7626121. Call me if you need directions.
    I’ll be back in Office around 1pm or 1:30pm.

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