We quit being an Apple Reseller!!!

Although we love Apple, we hate as much their Management and representatives in Thailand. The Thailand Management, mainly their Apple Care Manager but also their General Manager are simply unable to drive Apple to success in Thailand. These are highly incompetent people and we are not willing anymore to work with them.
They not support their resellers at all, the Apple care Manager even can not be contacted either by email or phone for 4 weeks as he is out of the country.
We feel sad for our customers who always purchased Apple from us. We will not recommend Apple anymore to be purchased in Thailand unless the Management is REPLACED. We hope that the Apple Headquarters are waking up soon and see what people they put in their position. It’s a shame for Apple.

To all our customers, starting now we won’t sell Apple anymore. You might look for alternatives or order your product even from another country. We do NOT recommend to support Apple Thailand in any way unless the Management has been replaced. Our goal is to bring them down. They don’t deserver to be their with their inabilities.
They damage Apple’s reputation and with it their resellers reputation.

Here some samples:

1.) Only Apple Thailand supports excessive repair prices from their Authorized Service Centers.
Sample a) Mainboard replacement for 3 year old MacBook Pro 17″ is 76,000 Baht.
A brand new MacBook Pro 17″ costs 79,000 Baht
Sample b) Mainboard replacement for 1.5 year old iMac: 29,000 Baht.
A brand new device costs 40,000 Baht.

We think this is simpley ripping off their customers in Thailand!!! Why in the US and even in Europe prices are ways cheaper?? Why Thai people are getting ripped off?

2.) That’s a bit of longer story, please take your time to read it.

• Purchased MacBook Pro with SSD Drive on 13-August-2010 through our Distributor in Thailand, Ingram Micro.

• Shortly after, customer reported intermittent freezes of the device. But only when an external monitor is connected. We took the Notebook back, tested with new installations and different monitors, always same result. Freezes.

• After around 3 weeks, the MacBook was eventually sent to Macintosh Repair Center in Bangkok. They tested and confirmed the problem after around 1 week.
• After many forth and back discussion with Apple Care Manager inThailand they agreed for replacement.
• The MacBook Pro has then been sent back to Ingram Micro for replacement.
• After 3 weeks, the replacement device arrived (late September).
• Customer reported that the replacement device has the same problems.
• We contacted Apple Care Manager, K. Sompong which told us to call the Apple Hotline as he can’t help.
• We called Apple Hotline and have been routed to Australia to Mr. Alex He promised to call back.
• 7 Days later still no call back. It took me another 7 days and several calls to Apple Hotline before Apple Support Singapore, a person named Arnie eventually got in contact with me. He pushed Alex from Australia to stay in touch with me and advice.

By now it is 20-Oct-2010.

• 7 Days later still no call from Alex. Contacted Arnie from Singapore again on 28-Oct-2010. He told us we should send the MacBook Pro to an Authorized Service Center so they can confirm the problem and get another replacement for us.
• End of October: We sent the MacBook Pro to Macintosh Service Center in Thailand.
• We followed up several times but they always said they follow steps from Apple so we have to wait.
• 17-Nov-2010 the Macintosh Service Center called us to inform that Apple suggested to change the cable of the hard drive. But in this case it would be a repair item and we could not claim for replacement anymore. We rejected of course.
For anything else they said that we have to wait for the Apple Care Manager of Thailand, K. Sompong to come back middle of December.
This is ridiculous, simply unbelievable.

And one more thing. In the out-of-office message from the Apple Care Manager, it says anybody with problems should contact an Apple Authorized Service Center.
But when contacting them, they say they need to wait for the Apple Care Manager first.


I would like to mention that we not immediately terminated our Reseller Agreement. We did however try to push Apple Thailand to take responsibility for the mess and threatened them to resign from our agreement. The General Manager however immediately welcomed the idea of us to resign. Seems like they are happy to get rid of uncomfortable resellers who are trying to push them for a better Service for both, customers and resellers.

I hope that our valued customers will understand that under such circumstances we won’t represent Apple in Thailand anymore.

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  1. Billy says:

    You’re such a quitter! Actually, that’s surprising to hear that Apple let’s this sort of stuff happen, even in Thailand. They get every other aspect of the business right. Still, if you’re not finding an answer from Oz or SG, either, then it sounds like part of a bigger problem.

  2. Al Reynolds says:

    Sorry to hear all this. My computer is still working like a charm. I must consider myself lucky not to have needed any kind of repair… Maybe one day I will bring my MacBook into the shop so you can just look at it…. One complaint though, I have never beaten my Apple machine at chess.


  3. Add me to Thailand Dell Support Sucks list. Or perhaps it’s Dell HQ. I bought an XPS 13 9370 91 days ago in California while on vacation. And I told the salesperson (Microsoft shop) that I lived in Thailand. No problem, Dell warranty is worldwide he said. I did not buy extended warranty (but had to do so 89 days later due to my problem described here). I had a slow boot problem and Dell’s diagnostics said my pcl card reader had failed (although I could read and write to it). calling U.S. Iwas told they couldn’t help as I lived in Thailand. So I filled in registration move request to Thailand. Tw weeks later I call Thailand Dell. They can’t help me nor check on move request. Call U.S. 6 times I’ve tried both and filled in more requests without any help and no way to check on move request. Thus on day 89 I stupidly purchase warranty extension. I say stupidly as I can not see any way to get help without Dell confirming my move and no way to find out if that will ever happen. Hello Apple.

    • bekrell says:

      Hello Michael. That’s bad indeed. The worldwide warranty thing ever caught us with Sony as well. The Notebook was sent to a Sony Authorized Repair Center in Thailand and they refused to fix it giving the reason that it takes them too long to get their money back from Sony!!!!
      I am an Apple User since ages and actually most of our staff here is using Apple. The authorized repair centers such as iCenter, iCare etc. are actually doing a good job. However, repair can take 7-14 days depending on the issue, but one thing you should be aware of even more is that spare parts are ridiculous expensive in Thailand.
      Say you have a 13″ MacBook which is out of warranty and you have a board issue, you are going to pay 25,000-30,000 Baht. Same for a screen replacement. Or from another story which you can find on this board, I ever dropped a brand new MacBook Pro and it killed the “D” key on the keyboard. They had to replace the entire bottom part for 16,000 Baht!!! They had no way to change change that bloody key.
      On the other hand, Apple products quality is great. We have 12 year old iMacs here which are running every day without any issues. Try that with a PC!!

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