Samsung Galaxy S2 and recommended apps

As a long time iPhone 4 User, I decided to go and buy the much praised Samsung Galaxy S2.
Much to my surprise, after a few days, my iPhone 4 disappeared in a drawler. It’s a fantastic device and Android gives me hell a lot of options to customize the phone the way I want.

Now the tricky part of the whole switching swapping moving over whatsoever process was, that I of course had certain apps on my iPhone which I used on a daily basis, whether for biz or for private, and didn’t want to be without them or maybe even couldn’t be without them anymore.

So below is a list of apps I used on my iPhone / iPad and what replacement I found for them on the Android.

iOS app / Android replacement / comment

Evernote – also available on Android — better on Android
Dropbox – also available on Android
Whatsapp – also available on Android, but less functionality
Skype – also available on Android, but less functionality
Due – Due Today (replacement for an easy reminder) — better on Android
Priorities – CheckitOff (replacement for Task scheduler) — better on Android
Instapaper – Instafetch — better on iOS (Instafetch is nevertheless the best Android Instapaper Client I could find)
Wallet – 1Password (replacement for Password Manager) — Wallet is better but 1Password is cross platform
Deliveries – TrackChecker (replacement for tracking of shipments) — better on Android
PayPal – also available on Android but not Push functionality which it has in the iOS app
iCurrencyPad – Exchange Rates — much better on iOS

Foursquare – also available on Android — better on iPhone
Facebook – also available on Android — better on iPhone
Tweetbot – Twipple (replacement for Twitter Client) — Tweetbot is unbeatable

TuneinRadio – also available on Android but much more limited (no recording, no pausing) — but still the best Radio Player available for either iOS or Android. — Found out you can purchase a Pro version which allows you all which the iPhone app can do. Just you can’t purchase if you are locatend in Thailand 🙂
Occasions – Birthdays (replacement for birthday reminder) — better on iOS

You might be missing Office apps like QuickOffice etc. I am sorry, I am not going to use that on a phone …. I do that on a tablet.

a) I used Fring for Videocalls but found that it drains your battery empty within hours even though you might have it closed (there is an agent running).
b) Pushmail uses ways less battery on the Android than it does on my iPhone. I have 2 accounts setup, one is of course Gmail, the other one is an Exchange account.

And now some more apps which I found and think they are very useful:

CameraFun Pro
Picsin Magic, Picsin, PicSay Pro — much better apps than on the iPhone. AWESOME!
Skitch – Must have tool for short annotations on photos

DoubleTwist – Syncs just fine with iTunes and is a great player on your Android. Free too.

MyBackup Pro – Great tool to backup your Android.
Flashlight – Uses your Flash LED as a torch. Nice thing is that it has a widget, so one click and you have a torch 🙂

5 Responses

  1. Billy Z says:

    Traitor! haha

  2. Marek Stój says:

    Hi there. I’m the author of InstaFetch. Would you mind elaborating some more on why Instapaper on iOS is better? What could I improve in InstaFetch?

    • Me! says:

      Hi Marek, glad you ask.
      I should have used a few more words and not just “better on iPhone”. Your app is great and for me as a power instapaper user, there are only two probably minor things you could improve to be on par or even better than the original iOS app.

      1. Your app has a night mode which I frequently use.
      But only the articles are in night mode which cause a continous change between bright and dark mode. The article lists need to be with black background as well when in night mode. Same for the folder overview.

      2. Auto upate when opening the app.
      I am aware you included schedules for certain intervals.
      But I would prefer auto update of the Read Later folder when opening the app.

      Actually, there is one more thing (sound like Steve Jobs now..).
      If I am reading an article, it would be most convenient I could move it to a folder right from there without the need to go back to the article list.

      Other than that, you did a great job.
      I will update my comparison if at least the night mode is a “real” night mode 🙂
      I am not too serious about the auto update, just used to it from the original Instapaper app.

      And I shall mention too, that for the Android OS, there is no better app (or at least I didn’t find any) than Instafetch for Instapaper Users. I compared with a few other apps and Instafetch beats them hands down.

  3. Marek Stój says:

    Thanks for the kind words! Night mode across the app is coming soon. As for the second note – that’s a nice idea. Would you also like InstaFetch to download article contents or just the headers?

    • Me! says:

      Marek, I am thrilled to hear that full night mode is coming soon.
      As for the auto refresh on startup, my preferrable choice would be full download of new articles.
      You might want to consider to make it an option in the settings. Users could make their own choice whether just to load headers or download full articles or maybe disable auto refresh entirely.
      Keep up the good work.

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