Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ 3G 16GB

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ is probably the most beautiful designed tablet out there. The one we have in stock is the 16GB 3G version.
You can get your hands on it for just 18,900 Baht. No screen protector or case included. Samsung is getting a bit stingy. Further you might want to know that memory on these devices can’t be upgraded anymore. Yes, you hear right. No sd card slot anymore. Samsung tragically also decided to move away from micro USB to a proprietary adapter making your life even more difficult. And last but not least, when you connect the device to your computer, it can not mount anymore as an external drive. That might not be a big issue for most if you are using cloud services like Dropbox or SugarSync. The ones remaining need to connect via KIES which is pre-installed.

Now if we compare it with the Motorola Xoom, you just pay 1,000 Baht more and get additionally:
– 32GB memory
– SD card slot which can hold an additional 32GB bringing you to a total of 64GB memory
– Better connectivity with micro USB
– Free case

The only disadvantage is the size and weight of the Xoom.

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  1. I appreciate your effort in sharing some of the phone specifications. 🙂

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