Failures of Apple Thailand Management Team

Why don’t we get the new iPad faster? Why can’t we still buy Apple keyboards with Thai letters on it? This and many more questions should be questions answered by the Apple Management Thailand Team. Their mistakes and inabilities in improving Apple Market Share in Thailand will eventually lead to failure of Apple in Thailand (apart from iPhone).
It is still not understandable why Apple USA let them do that miserable job since years although they couldn’t improve anything and customer service is getting worse and worse.
An Apple care manager who leaves for 5 weeks vacation without a deputy and any warranty issues will have to wait is someone who should be put a show in his ……!
And an Apple Country Manager who doesn’t care and support it’s Apple Authorized Resellers but kick them out if they just once stand up and say that he is not doing his job properly, should be sent to the moon.

The Mac will not see any rise in Thailand if this team doesn’t get changed. And YOU will be one of the last to get any new Apple product simply because Thailand is of low interest for Apple unless market share can proof otherwise.

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  1. Gianmarco says:

    Hey very insightful post here, in addition to your previous post regarding leaving apple reseller program. These issues are of some interest to me, and i would be fascinated to learn more about the issues you’ve faced including your observations of the shortcomings. How long we’re you a reseller for?

  2. Me! says:

    Well see it that way. We are the largest IT Outsource company in the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand. None of our customer ever used Mac and we converted some companies to use Mac. But the way Apple is managed in Thailand, it was impossible for us to give the customer the “Apple” feeling of great experience and service. Mostly distributors didn’t have any stock (which at the end is also lack of negotiations from Apple Thailand with the distributors), warranty case have been handled, as already mentioned in earlier posts, just poorly. Imagine you convert a company to use Mac and then they want to order an external Keyboard for their MacBook and first thing we need to do it putting on ugly stickers so they have the Thai Fonts.
    Worse then all is however, that when we once tried to give the Apple Management Team some ideas on how to improve the customer experience and AAR relationship, they gave us the resignation letter to sign. They are arrogant and clueless in the same time. They think they do a great job but they can’t improve anything in Thailand. They lack of enthusiasm for the product and openness towards suggestions from any AAR.
    What observation I did?
    I don’t need hardcopy stats to know that the Mac performs poorly in Thai Market. And that is not going to be any better soon. You just need to open your eyes and you will know, really anybody can realize that without dedicated observations.
    Apple Thailand doesn’t understand that they do NEED their AARs and should cooperate with them in a respectable way. But they look down on any AAR like “work for us and be quiet or leave”. That’s not going to work out. And they really not care about customer satisfaction. But that is all said in earlier posts (e.g. the warranty case of an executive’s brand new MBP).
    We as a system integrator and adviser would have had the influence to switch many companies in the industrial estates to Mac and even Mac Server. Now, we ensure they buy Windows (even though we hate it) and rent our Linux Server. We are ambitious to deliver the best customer experience and we need partners on our side which share that philosophy if we want to change how people work (thus convincing industrial companies to switch from PC to Mac).

  3. Bad Apple says:

    Dear Me… and to all others who buoyed Apple products here on location Thailand.
    It’s incredible, unbelievable and almost insane in the way this APPLE SALES GENERATION THAILAND ( cozy students, laundry workers, ex taxi drivers, ex mannequins etc ) are servicing newest customers who wants to try/buy a ” quality product of APPLE “.

    Even by BIG C or where ever you receive more and better response about products.. then from this APPLE SALES GENERATION.

    This we must ACCEPT ??? buying a quality product, serviced by ” non educated & fully un-trained APPLE SALES STAFF ??? ”

    No for sure not..!! I’m pissed and heavily dissapointed about all i received until now ( less then a month i buoyed a Mac Air book of netto 39,000 THB …visited already 3 times a Apple store ( I-POINT and U-POINT ) for getting something arranged on this sh.. book.

    Even by formatting whole disc ( first back upping again ) this persons are not in the position for getting that fixed what i’m looking for… What i’m looking for ?? As i working on another notebook… with OFFICE 10, i should install a WINDOWS 7 on this APPLE product…

    All should be easy and simple handled and serviced… as APPLE Co. confirms that it will be no any problem to install and use WINDOWS 7 on this MAC AIR product.

    Yesterday i went back to a trendy looking U-Point APPLE shop ( specific located at location where young students showing up there intelligent needs ) and asked them if they could servicing me with HD for my MACAIR… ( as i’m mostly irritated for arranging a new back up )

    Hard Disk for a MAC AIR ?? i said YES…. uhhhhh…. we not have…

    I said I can believe that you will not have this in your trendy Apple store … but could you be so kind and friendly by calling your head office/importer department…and ask them for helping you better and offer me the price…

    After 5-7 minutes ( and a lot of laughing between the conference holders ) renewed the man said…. uuuuhhh sorry Krab we not have….

    Incredible… !!! Insane…

    And now my problem… as i not want to call ( only way for getting contact with this utopic company APPLE ) USA for help or assistance, how and where should i go ? For receiving the right services and/or specific spareparts.. ( imagine you receive a crash on this product and there is no replacement available ? My GOD !!! )

    Perhaps you can help me…. or perhaps this is a better idea…
    I’m ready to sell my newest MAC AIR + DVD player for 32.500 THB.. ( new price 42.500 THB ) Still have the box and invoice available

    I had enough from this.. !!!

    for reactions > send

  4. Me! says:

    You pointed it out correctly. Main issue is unqualified, untrained sales staff which is even unwilling to help. But where does that start? Of course with the Apple Management Team Thailand. This is the root of all the issues here and it would be in their hand to require better training etc. But they aren’t better, they don’t need help. They put a deaf ear on complains and when you (as we did) give them suggestions on how to improve something, they send you (as an AAR) a resignation letter to sign.

    There is an iBeat shop located not far from my Office. They sell iPads and Macs to customers and whenever there customers have a question, they send them to my Office. Can you imagine that? They can’t help they send them to us. And then those customers wonder if we want to charge money for our service. iBeat sells Apple products and does have almost no clue about it. Insane indeed.

    Apple products are great and usually, once correctly setup, running without problem. But the issue here remains as mentioned above, that new Users which do not have experience with Mac do not get proper support or training because the sales themselves do not have much knowledge about.
    And we not want to talk about repair service which is handled poorly.

    You can call Apple USA, Apple Asia Pacific, they all won’t care. I called them, I emailed them, never got any response. They don’t give a shit about the Thai Market. If it grows it’s fine, if it dies they couldn’t care less. That’s the sad fact. Normally I would say to boycott all Apple products in Thailand, but for me, there is no alternative to it. Luckily, beside for repairs, I do not need any support as I can handle it all myself.

    We all know that Apple was and probably will always be an arrogant company. Yet their products are great and if you have the proper support you will certainly be most happy with your product. But as long as Apple doesn’t listen and start all over in Thailand by replacing that Management Team here first, nothing won’t change.

    If you want to put in a Hard Disk into your MacBook Air, go to Macintosh Center in Fortune (Bangkok). Only Apple can change hard drives for MBA as those are thinner than standard 2.5″ hard drives. Don’t be surprised to be charged a hefty price however, I doubt you get any regular hard drive in there for below 10,000 Baht if not much more. This is another issue where I feel Apple is overcharging. Spare parts prices are ridiculous. (70,000 Baht for a display of a 3 year old 17″ MBP while the price of a new 17″ MBP was just at 73,000 Baht …. imagine how insane that is).

    I am not sure what exactly you want to do with your MBA. You can install Win7 entirely (without having any Mac OS X), install it with BootCamp and chose between which system to boot from or have it run side by side using VMware or Parallels. All is possible and not difficult to do. We are in Rayong, if you are ever near by I can help.

  5. Mac Anderson says:

    is there any way to contact the Thai management team directly?….i have an ongoing issue with a repair …… just don’t need to deal with the people that ……cannot see outside the box …… again

  6. Me! says:

    Hi. It is exactly the Apple Thailand Management team which is a total fail. This was mentioned in the original post. It’s beyond my understanding why Apple doesn’t replace those “Managers”. It took me months to get a brand new MacBook Pro replaced. And once we, as an APPLE AUTHORIZED PARTNER, told them that this kind of Service isn’t acceptable, they terminated our contract and kicked out out. They really suck big time and don’t give a thing about anything.

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