Filemaker’s way to rip off their customers

I am most happy with our Filemaker database and a happy Filemaker customer since years.
But now they shit on their customers and that’s nothing we should tolerate.

We have multiple licenses of Filemaker Pro 11 and actually we started with Filemaker 9 Pro. Of course every new version was downward compatible.

Now they released version 12 and for our most recent FM 11 Pro purchase, they sent us a free upgrade.
And then wow …. I found out, that we can’t open FM 11 databases anymore. I couldn’t believe my eyes. A new version and not downward compatible.

Well ok I thought, so they have to continue selling the older v.11 as well. Bullshit, they don’t.
They are forcing us to upgrade ALL our licenses which costs of course big $$$.

We recommended Filemaker to a couple of our clients as well and if any of them just needs one damn single new license because they hire one more staff, they need to spend thousands of Dollars to upgrade ALL their licenses incl. Filemaker Server.

Now how wicked is that. I feel cheated having spent so much money on FM licenses and now they force me to purchase upgrades although I don’t want them.

Filemaker, you lost a good friend. That really sucks. Even I don’t have a choice as my business is running on your database, I will never ever recommend Filemaker to anyone again unless you start selling version 11 along the new versions you have and will release in the future.

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