Legal music and movies in Asian countries ….

Today I want to rant about those copyright protection organizations, mainly led by U.S. Government and therefore about those governments involved as well.
First of all I would like to apologize in advance for any possible rudeness in this post. The first rudeness shall follow right away. You guys are the biggest bunch of arseholes I can think of.
I wonder if not every time you push Asian governments to crackdown on piracy and they are successful, you sit in your Office chair and hammer your forehead trying to w*** because of your alleged success.
But you know, not those are the real criminals.
The real criminals are Apple, Amazon, Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Rhapsody and many more. And of course all the major record labels.
You wanna know why? Because they do not offer music, movies, tv shows etc. to most Asian countries. Much more than that, they block any attempt if you try to legally buy them or stream.
If you have an account on Amazon or iTunes USA and you have a Credit Card with Thai billing address you are already out of luck. They’ll tell you to go shit. Nice, right?
I subscribed to Pandora and Spotify for streaming music. I am forced to use VPN connections to pretend I am in the USA in order to be able to listen to their music.
We people here in Asia are second class people. We don’t get anything.
Even most radio stations try to block listeners from unsupported countries. They identify you by your IP address, a stupid bunch of numbers which tells them where you are, how you look like and what your shoe size is. That’s what the new technology brings us.
It makes us visible for them, they can trace every single step you do. And they tell you, that you are not allowed to listen music, watch movies or tv shows.
They tell you to go to bed early instead.

As a matter of fact, in Thailand and most other Asian countries, you can only by CDs or DVDs if you wanna stay legal. Buying CDs? Uhhh…. come one, I have iPad, iPhone, AppleTV. Where the heck you want me to insert a damned CD into? This is the digital age and we all have a right for that.
I never read any explanation why they don’t offer music etc. in Asian countries.
You really won’t find any legal place where you can legally purchase and download music yet stream on the internet.

I always told people to not steal copyright protected software, but for what reason? Many software is in SE Asia triple the price compared to the USA?
Sample? Filemaker, Adobe products ….

I always told people to honor the artists and legally purchase the music. They asked me “where”? I told them “steal it”. 

That entire system is quite a shit. They don’t sell you food but punish you if you steal it. They force people to steal music because there is no other way to get it.

But the real bastards are those who prevent the music and movies to be sold in so many countries. And they are the ones who should be jailed because they willingly limit your right just because of the country you live in, in other words, they discriminate you.
It’s not so much different when until a few years ago in the USA, the negroes had to sit in the back of public transportation vehicles, were prohibited to enter certain restaurants etc.
I feel like a negro now even though I am white. I never thought about racism and discrimination but now they put me in those shoes. Because I live in a SE Asian country, I am a second class human without the right to buy music, movies and tv shows.

Ok, let’s the party begin, let’s torrent. Let’s download thousands, no millions of songs, distribute them and if they blame you for stealing, just answer with a smile “sell it to me motherf…..”.

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