TRUE Internet = Truly a fraud!

It has been 12 months that we paid 5,000 Baht a month for a 100Mbps Fiber Optic line down here in Rayong. And what could we do with it? Open websites. No, not much more. Streaming radio stations were almost impossible. But they always worked on my DTAC 3G connection. Downloading large files? Nope, 9 out of 10 times they were corrupt. Using it for our remote service? Nope, because after one minute of inactivity, we get disconnected.
Every now and then, we came to our Office in the morning and the TRUE modem was reset. Why? Because TRUE updated our Firmware. Our customers could not connect to our system and we had to spent time to setup the modem again. I wonder what a normal home user would do, they wouldn’t have any clue on how to setup a modem.

Calling TRUE Support is a joy, they are really customer friendly. Usually they just hang up on you. Other times they promise to send technicians. Once the technician indeed comes (with many days delay) they tell us to call TRUE Support. And so it goes round and round and round.

The Supervisor visited me the other day, a Supervisor which doesn’t have any clue about anything. I assume he was the supervisor of the toilet cleaning team.

And now? I call it quit. I give up. I will cancel TRUE and stick with the much slower, but more reliable 3BB.
I learnt now, why TRUE insisted initially on a one year contract. Otherwise we would have cancelled that crappy shit after the first week. Those retarded supporters, supervisors and sales, they’ll never understand the meaning of “Customer Service”.
12 months of complains and nothing happened. TRUEly a rip off.

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