I love Apple but:

1. I use Amazon Kindle instead of iBooks
2. I use Google instead of iCloud for syncing and email
3. I use Google Docs (GDrive) instead of iWorks
4. I use WhatsApp and Line instead of iMessage
5. I use Google Hangouts and Textme over FaceTime
6. I use Picasa instead of Photostream
7. I use Sygic instead of Maps
8. I use Due instead of Reminders
9. I use Pocket instead of Reading List
10. I use Catch (the best note taking app ever!!) instead of Notes

And still I use iPad and iPhone.
The reason I moved away from all those Apple apps and services is simple.
They are not cross platform compatible. And who can predict the future? I don’t know whether in a few years I am still using Apple or switch to Android. Do you?
But all those apps I am using now are cross platform. And there is not a single Apple app which is cross platform.
I love Apple but I refuse to lock myself in their golden cage.
I want to have the freedom of choice and with those alternate apps, and many of them are ways better than those of Apple, I could at any time switch to a different platform and still loose none of my data, in fact, don’t even need to migrate anything.

Yes, Photostream is cool but what if you decide to use an Android? Facetime has best Video quality, but what it helps if you can’t connect with half of your friends? Same for iMessages.
Apple should make those apps available for other platforms as well the same way Google does.
Then their apps and services could succeed. Otherwise not. It is a simple fact, no matter we like it or not, that Android has a huge market share and can’t be disregarded. You want to be flexible, collaborate and stay in touch with “everybody”? Then you need to move away from those Apple services. No matter how much you love your iOS device.

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