International Calls from your Mobile Device

There was a time when Skype was unbeatable for overseas calling in terms of pricing and quality. However, since Microsoft bought Skype and migrated all MSN Users over, the call quality got much worse. Strangely it’s not too bad when doing it from a computer, but we realized that from mobile devices, the quality is not the same and certainly not when using 3G while on the go.
There are many alternates in both, iOS App Store and Google Play Store to call landlines. We tested many of them and all but one failed with call qualities from lousy to total failure. The one which we found to be crystal clear and still lowest price is Textme. While the name is a bad choice, considering it does voice and even video calls, it really stands out from its competitors. Easy to use, easy to purchase credits, low rates and highest call quality. Call rates from Thailand to most countries in Europe is just 0.5 Baht per minute while SMS is 2 Baht. That’s not bad.
Textme is available for iOS devices and Android devices.
You can also earn free credits by watching adds or recommending it to friends.

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