One week after I changed from iPhone 5 to Samsung S4. And from my iPad to a Galaxy Note 8.

So far I can still hardly put the S4 out of my hand. It’s an awesome device.

It seems like possibilities are endless. I discover more and more features.

WatchOn Remote Control for TV and other devices
I can now control any TV in my house via my S4 remote control feature as it has a built in IR port. Sure it’s not a decision maker when choosing a new phone, but hey, it’s handy to have it. No need anymore to search for the remote.

Samsung Showtime
Access to hundreds of movies and shows, and 80 TV channels. It includes most Thai channels as well but many foreign channels too. What I like is, that if I missed a movie which aired earlier the day, I can still watch it. That’s cool. And comes all pre-installed

This is a pretty cool translation software. You can even point your camera on a street sign and it translates it right away. What a nifty feature.

Galaxy Gift
This is a pre-installed Samsung app and you can find all possible exclusive offers and privileges from shops and restaurants nationwide.

I’ve read many reports of people complaining about the pre-installed Samsung software, calling it bloatware. End of this month another S4 with stock Android will be released. I don’t want it. I do love the Samsung Software as it brings a lot of features I wouldn’t want to miss. Sure, some I do not need and can’t uninstall but the remaining ones which I use are worth it.

About the device itself:

After a week with the S4 I could not go back to a smaller phone.
Before, I always rejected those devices as uncomfortably big.
Whenever I do now hold an iPhone in my hand, I feel it is uncomfortably small.

Better than on my iPhone 5. But it requires you to not enable every possible feature like Air View, Air Gestures etc.

Many people think it’s not important. But what a trouble was it every time when my wife took a cute shot of our kids and I wanted her to send it to me, or even worse, a video. Now we just let our phones touch each other and transfer in seconds. Amazing.

Samsung does provide for me a much better User experience than Apple.
Also with Android I am free to decide which default programs to use. Apple locks me down and doesn’t allow me to change. I MUST use Safari. Sure I can use Chrome as well but try to open a link from an email. Yep, it goes straight to Safari. Similar with the Mail app. I used Gmail app. But go to your photo Library and try to send a Video. Or send something from a website. It will go to the Mail app. So it’s all locked and crippled down.
Also on Android, programs can communicate with each other and are not sandboxed. So I can have a complete different User experience than any iOS User could have.

I sold my iPad in the meantime and purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I am extremely happy with it. In fact, the Note devices are meant for business, not iPads. The S-Pen is just an awesome help for biz. I can easily write down notes during a meeting, make drawings and more. Every time I sit in a meeting, every iPad User also has papers and pen to write things down. Typing is too inconvenient for them on their iPad. I bet, if they would have a Note 8 or 10, they would do like me. Writing on the device with the S-Pen. No need for papers.
Apple, you are so far behind now when it comes to business usability. You think you are more advance because you don’t need a Stylus. But in fact, a Stylus is needed for people who want to use their device in a proper way.
Did you ever try to write all your memos during a meeting on the iPad with your finger? I bad you gave up after the second sentence. And no stylus for the iPad can even get close to the S-Pen and it’s features.

At first I thought the Note 8 will be a bit too small for me after so many years with an iPad. But the incredible lightweight (less than half the weight of an iPad) and the form factor made it so much more comfortable to carry around.
The battery is a bit weak but it brings me nevertheless over a day.
The Note 8 costs half of the iPad (I compare to my iPad 3G 64GB) and I have, after putting in a 64GB MicroSD Card, more memory on the Note than I had on my iPad.

Both of my kids still have their iPad Minis and I won’t change that. It’s a perfect device for them with great apps. But for people doing serious biz, it’s now Samsung and Android.

I have no regrets about my decisions. Maybe you wanna try it too.

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