iOS7? Scrap it!

The WWDC didn’t bring anything exciting. Mac OS X Maverick isn’t a revolution at all. Neither is iOS7. Everything is made for the Apple World only and best if you can’t even communicate with any other platform. And that sucks.
Admittedly, iOS7 looks cute. The stock apps are looking nice too. For those who like the style. But what about those who don’t? Nope, they can’t switch to another theme. Not even to the original one. Apple’s policy is “take it or leave it”. “Love it or hate it”. And you are paying big money for being unable to adjust it to your taste or to set Google Chrome as a default browser. You still can’t set another mail app as default and most importantly, you still can not customize the keyboard let alone installing a third party keyboard. Why can’t there be Swype or Swiftkey on it? Did those people at Apple ever try it? I don’t think so. If you ever use the swype method you can’t go back to typing in this tiny small keyboard.

Since I switched to Android, leaving my beloved iPhone 5 and iPad 3 behind, I am more productive in any way. I enjoy now replying to messages while it was a pain in the a$$ before. I mostly got upset if someone sent me a Whatsapp message and I had to type a longer reply to it simply because it was so hard.
Now on my Android it takes me no time to reply and even write a lengthy answer.

So what is really new, revolutionary in iOS7?
I like the idea that I can send locations from OS X Maverick to the iPhone’s Maps app. But come on, it’s not a revolution. AirDrop? Waste of time. Never worked on any Mac in our Office and apart from that, this is once more APPLE ONLY! But there are people using different devices, Android, Windows phones etc. So what about them? Are we not allowed to communicate or exchange our photos with them?

Again, I have no regrets I left Apple’s golden cage for good.

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