What does a proper Photo Storage and it’s corresponding mobile app requires to be (almost) perfect?

I tried pretty much any photo service available such as Dropbox, Google+, Flickr, Photobucket etc. and I come to the conclusion, that none of the existing ones can even be called good. Either they have a clunky interface, not allow to upload RAW images, limited sharing options, expensive priced storage or other limitations.
I was unable to find anything which would fulfill my needs (and those of many others).
Someone might get the idea and built the proper service and software with those important features mentioned below and they will take off like a rocket.

– Interface similar to Carousel (for Timeline view) and Flickr (for Album view).
– Sharing options like GDrive with the ability to share either just the link or send the photo with option to select size.
– Ability to edit your photos or send them to a third party editor with option to save back.
– Ability to selective sync folders to your Mac/PC.
– Auto Upload of new photos and videos into a private folder.
– Ability to select to either auto upload photos or videos only or both.
– No downsizing or cutting / trimming of your photos and videos.
– Option to batch download albums with your photos in original size.
– Affordable Storage pricing.
– Ability to comment on shared photos or albums like Flickr offers.
– Ability to easily sort & organize your photos, create albums and move photos/videos between them.
– Ability to cache downsized copies of your photos on your mobile device for faster viewing.
– Ability to selective sync your photos / albums for offline viewing in reduced or original size.
– Cross platform compatibility. Mac/PC, iOS/Android/Windows Phone

If you know any service which does that all, kindly leave a comment below.

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