MacID – The future of unlocking your Mac

I recently discovered MacID, a $3.99 iOS app with a free companion app for Mac OS X. MacID also works on the Apple Watch. It unlocks your Mac without the need to type your password.

It offers the following options to unlock your Mac:

1. A customizable proximity range. Put your iPhone next to your computer and it unlocks. Walk away with your iPhone and your computer locks.

2. TouchID on your iPhone.

3. Tap to confirm on your Apple Watch.

4. Tap a pattern on the touchpad.

I found it extremely convenient to use the Apple Watch to unlock my MacBook. But also proximity seems to work well.

More features included are controlling audio, share clipboards and start screensavers.

One thing to mention is that it only works with Macs supporting Bluetooth LE running Yosemite or later.

Their website is
Link to iOS on the AppStore:

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