Copied – A truly great clipboard manager

Copied for Mac and iOS is one of those little tools which greatly effect productivity.
The iCloud sync is extremely fast, literally within a second or two. Copy a photo, text, pretty much everything and it is instantly synced between your iOS and Mac device.

I tried many of those clipboard managers and it all ended when it came to syncing.
But Copied is different. Everything just works perfectly well and fast. Not a single issue did I have since I installed it a week ago. They really did a great job.

Visit their website for more details.

Or download it from the links below.

Copied for Mac OS X

Copied for iOS


EDIT on 2016-03-23

One issue I found is that if you try to copy a Calendar Event in Apple Calendar App, you need to press CMD+C twice before it actually copies. If you press it only once and then try to paste the event to another day, it won’t work, although Copied registered the first CMD+C.
Once I disabled Copied, it worked just fine.

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