The state of Apple Notes

new-notes-appI am an Evernote User since years. It’s not love but Evernote is just really good in helping me to manage my hundreds of business notes, correspondence, scans, you name it. There is also the Web Clipper which I find incredible useful to save entire websites to your Notebooks for later reference and, if you have the Premium Subscription, for offline reading.

David Sparks, California Attorney and Podcaster ( made the move from Evernote to Apple Notes and mentions often during his podcasts how happy he is with Apple Notes. That made me wonder if it could work for me as well since we have a similar amount of notes (close to 800).

Apple Notes has one huge advantage over Evernote. It is native and lightening fast, whether on your Mac or on your iOS device. Evernote feels much more clunky, maybe also because it offers so many more features.

I imported a few Evernote Notebooks into Apple Notes and started playing with it.

Here is my finding:
– The fonts on the Mac are unbearable small. It’s ok on iOS though.
– The Notes app doesn’t support tables. And no tags neither.
– If you add PDFs or Photos in Apple Notes, they are not accessible from the iCloud Web Interface which is a bummer because I always see it as a fall back in case I can’t access my Mac or iOS device for some reason or if I would have to work on a Windows computer (which hopefully never happens).
– If you want to modify documents attached to notes, you can’t do it from within Apple Notes as it won’t save the changes back. With Evernote I can edit any attached document or PDF and it instantly saves it back to Evernote. Huge advantage.

And then there is the most important issue to consider. Backups. Using Time Machine, Crashplan or any other service, you can backup the Notes database. The path is: /Users/username/Library/Containers/

But the challenge is, if you have to restore one or more notes. You can only restore everything or nothing. That’s quite a disadvantage. Also version history is missing. If you use Apple Notes for your business and you frequently update notes, version history is essential. This is something which Evernote offers. Though I believe only if you have a subscription (which I do have).

With the speed and the fact that it is native, I am tempted to move to Apple Notes. But it does need support for tables and version history. Then I might happily jump ship.


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