Updated: Nine Bluetooth Headsets tested

I picked a couple of Bluetooth Headsets trying to find one which is comfortable to wear, has a good battery life and most importantly, good sound quality.

This review includes
– Sony SBH-70
– Sony SBH-80
– Sony SBH-54
– Jabra Tag
– Jabra Halo
– Samsung Level U
– Samsung Level U Pro
– Plantronics Backbeat Fit
– Jaybird X2


Sony SBH-70
Ear Bud, Price 2,990 Baht
+ Best sound quality, awesome bass.
+ Water resistant (IP57).
+ Multipoint connectivity.
+ Shows battery status on iPhone.
+ Comfortable to wear.
• Average battery life, 6-7 hrs music streaming.

Sony SBH-80
In Ear, Price 2,390 Baht
+ Comfortable to wear.
+ Multipoint connectivity.
• Average battery life (6 hrs).
– Below average sound quality.
– No battery status shown on iPhone.


Sony SBH-54
In Ear, imported from Hongkong, Price ~ 2,800 Baht
+ LED display for various information.
+ Can be used for calls without attaching a headset.
+ Earpieces fit well and don’t fall out.
+ FM Radio.
+ Can be clipped to your shirt or pants.
+ Can be used with any headset.
+ Multipoint connection (2 devices).
+ 8 Hours Battery Life.
– Too many buttons which can be quite confusing.
– Cable is too long and therefore tangle a lot and always get in the way.
– Built quality feels so cheap. I mean really really cheap.
– Sound quality is just average

Jabra Tag
In Ear, Price 1,890 Baht
+ Strong bass, slightly above average sound quality.
+ Can use with different headsets.
+ Earpieces fit well and don’t fall out.
+ FM Radio.
+ Very good Bluetooth range.
+ Can connect up to 2 devices simultaneously.
+ Shows battery status on iPhone.
– Can be clipped on your clothes but not without unintentionally hitting a button.
– Below average battery, not meet what they actually advertise (8 hrs).
– Long cable which ultimately leaves you unraveling the cables more often than you would like.

Jabra Halo Fusion

In Ear, Price 2,190 Baht
+ Comfortable to wear around the neck.
• Average battery life (6 hrs).
– Extremely poor sound quality.
– Sits very lose in the ear, falls out frequently.

I didn’t go further in testing this headset because I didn’t feel it would be worth the time. Considering the awkward sound quality, this headset is a no-go! Don’t buy it.


Samsung Level U
Ear Bud, Price 2,190 Baht
+ Battery Life ~10 hrs.
+ Comfortable fit in your ear with the ear fins included.
+ Comfortable to wear around the neck.
+ Slightly above average sound quality, too little highs.
– Poor plastic material. It cracked after just 2 months and Samsung refused warranty saying I over bend it which is not true.
– Personal preference: I get a bit annoyed with the cable making skin contact from your ear down the side of your throat.
– Doesn’t show battery status on iPhone.

And that’s how it looks after 2 months:


Broken Samsung Level U

Samsung Level U Pro

In-Ear, not yet available in TH. U.S. price ~3,300 Baht
+ Great Battery Life ~10 hrs.
+ Waterproof.
+ Comfortable fit in your ear but not as stable as the Level U with it’s ear fins.
+ Comfortable to wear around the neck though the frame is more stiff and less bendable as the Level U.
+ Great sound quality.
+ Product quality seems to have improved over the Level U. The plastic is harder, feels more durable.
+  Shows battery status on iPhone.
– Not comfortable when exercising.


Plantronics BackBeat Fit
Ear Bud, Price 3,790 Baht
+ Water resistant (IP57), up to 1m for 30 minutes.
+ 8 hours battery life.
+ Very convenient on-ear controls.
+ Sightly above average Sound quality, clear vocals.
+ Shows battery status on iPhone.
– Uncomfortable to wear.

When I want to lay down and listen some music, or lean back in a chair, the behind-the-neck cable is always in my way. That probably because this is a sports headset rather than an all-day wearable headset.


Jaybird X2
In-Ear, Price 6,990 Baht
+ Great Sound, deep bass.
+ Shows battery status on iPhone.
+ Can pair with up to 8 devices.
+ Estimated 8 hrs battery life.
+ Comes with various sizes of silicon and comply foam ear tips as well as ear fins
– Although they include various silicon and comply foam earpieces, I couldn’t get any of them fit my ear comfortably.
– Quite expensive.


Ranking (10=best to 1=worst)
Sound quality
(10) Samsung Level U Pro, Jaybird X2
(9) Sony SBH-70
(8) BackBeat Fit
(6) Samsung Level U, Jabra Tag
(3) Sony SBH-80
(1) Jabra Halo

Battery life
(10) Samsung Level U, Samsung Level U Pro
(8) BackBeat Fit, Sony SBH-54
(7) Sony SBH-70
(5) all remaining ones

(10) BackBeat Fit
(8) Samsung Level U Pro, Sony SBH-54, Jaybird X2
(7) Sony SBH-80
(6) Sony SBH-70, Jabra Halo, Jabra Tag
(1) Samsung Level U

(10) Samsung Level U
(8) Sony SBH-80, Samsung Level U Pro
(7) Sony SBH-70, Jabra Halo, Jaybird X2
(3) Jabra Tag, Sony SBH-54
(1) BackBeat Fit
My winner
Clearly the Samsung Level U Pro. An amazingly good headset with great sound, comfortably to wear, outstanding battery life, water resistant and a low price of just around 3,300 Baht. This devices gives you the most for your money.

If I couldn’t get the Samsung Level U Pro, the Sony SBH-70 would be my alternate choice.

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