Is Microsoft cheating on Office 365 Business licenses?

We just renewed some Office 365 Business Essentials Licenses.
We bought 8 licenses in May last year and 2 more about 6 months ago.
So what would one think of how many licenses I have to renew right now? 8, correct. Because the other 2 will be due 6 months later. Nothing suspicious so far, right? WRONG!!

Once entering the Open License Code for those 8 licenses, I was asked if I want to
a) renew existing licenses
b) add new licenses

What would you choose? Renew would appear the most logical answer.
But who says Microsoft is a logical thinking company? (Do they think at all?)

As soon as I clicked RENEW, my license count was reduced to 8.
The remaining 2 licenses which I bought 6 months ago, are gone. Lost.

Turns out I would have needed to click on “Add Licenses / Seats”.
But if I do that 1 week before the actual expiring date of those 8 licenses, it won’t append 365 days to it. It would start immediately reducing the actual license duration for us by a week. Or more if one add them even earlier. This is of course not a real issue, you can just wait until the last day. But does it make sense to handle licensing this way? Not at all.

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