BMT – The right Business Software

We developed a Filemaker based Database Software, optimized for the Thai Market.

All-in-One Suite for Small to Medium Business
Working according to Thai Revenue Dep. requirements




• Client Information
• Invoices History and Total Value of Invoices
• Quotes History
• Settings for recurring monthly invoices
• Templates for recurring invoices (overview of all Templates)

• Invoices as per Thai requirements (Tax Invoice, Receipt, Invoice, Receipt / Tax Invoice)
• Auto numbering of invoices with 4 different running numbers for Tax Invoice, Receipt, Invoice, Receipt / Tax Invoice (different Prefix)
• Payments field to enter payments received from Client incl. whether bank, cheque or cash
• Issue Credit Notes
• Issue Delivery Notes
• Stock Selection for auto deducting from stock and calculating net profit
• Field for Additional Costs, such as manpower to calculate net profit
• Duplicate Invoice (generates new invoice number)
• Find all open invoices for a certain client
• Withholding Tax support (None, 3%, 5% .. adjustable)
• Last Modified by (Name of User) and Last Modified Date

• Petty Cash (Total Amount)
• Payment Voucher
• Receipt Voucher

• Create Quote
• Duplicate Quote (assigns new running number)
• Create Invoice based on Quote
• Issue Purchase order to Distributors based on Quote (support for multiple distributors)
• Last Modified by (Name of User) and Last Modified Date

Purchase Orders
• Create new Purchase Order
• See Purchase Orders creates from Quotes
• See all Purchase Orders from a group
• Last Modified by (Name of User) and Last Modified Date

• Address Book for Distributors (used when issuing Purchase Orders)

• Stock Items
• Invoices Related to Stock Items
• Support for Equipment (used by yourself), Stock (for sale) and Rental (for Items you rent out)
• See list of all Items for a product you rented out
• Serial Numbers of items, In-Price, Sales Price, Qty, Description, Date Received and more
• Move Stock Item to Equipment
• Duplicate Stock Item
• Assign Stock Code
• Stock Record creation date
• Last Modified by (Name of User) and Last Modified Date

Temporary Service Report
• Service Reports for field/service staff
• Service Date, Serviced By, Duration, Type of Service (off-site, call-out, maintenance, phone support)
• Service duration
• Service requested by

For Authorized Personnel, such as Service Manager
• Email Reports to Client
• Approve Service Report

Service Reports
• All approved Service Reports
• Option to resend to customer
• Date when reports have been emailed to customer

Options to print:
• All New Reports of a month
• Selected Client for certain month
• Single Service Report
• Auto Mark Reports as printed, include print date
• Unmark Reports as Printed

• Create Customer Record with any kind of support information for your service team

Financial Reports
Create various reports such as for
• Stock, Equipment, Rental Parts
• Open Invoices
• Past Due Invoices
• Turnover
• Profit
• Voucher (Payment AND Receipt Voucher
• Payment Voucher only
• Receipt Voucher only

• General Notes

• Permissions can be assigned individually for each of your staff or as groups
• Read Only, Read/Write or No Access to modules / layouts
• Restrict some employees from seeing certain information, creating reports, printing or exporting data.

Export to PDF or Excel for various modules

Coming soon as a free update
• Payroll
• Issue and print W/H Tax receipts


System Requirements
• Windows, Mac (any version)
• Purchase of Filemaker Program (one license per User)
• iOS (iPhone, iPad) — free Filemaker Software

Contact us if you are interested.
Price is just 45,000 Baht. There is an optional yearly Software Maintenance available which will bring you all the updates and improvements we do after the first year.

Software modifications, if needed, will be charged additionally.

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