DELL Thailand is a NO GO

Are you thinking of buying a DELL Server or PC in Thailand?
Then read our most recent experience first. And be told that this is not the first time we have trouble with DELL.

To introduce us first, we are a 13 years old Company based in Rayong, Thailand.
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In May 2016 we had to order a DELL Rackmount PC for a Client, worth around 200,000 Baht. On top there were 4 Monitors ordered and 2 Wyse Zero Client devices with Host Card.
Total around 260,000 Baht.
We told DELL to put together what we need so everything is compatible and works.

First we received the Rackmount PC and the Wyse devices. But no monitors. After one week we were told, that they have been sent to the wrong place. Again days later, we were told that DELL Thailand has billing issues with DELL Malaysia and this is why Malaysia doesn’t send out the monitors. Not only has DELL Thailand initially lied but apparently DELL internally can’t even pay their bills to get products send internally from one country to another.

So another week later, the monitors eventually arrived. But the next issue came right away. The built in VGA card has one DELL Display port and one DVI Port. The Remote Host Card has 2 DELL Mini Display Ports. And the 2 cables they included were just DELL Display Port to DELL Mini Display. We tried all sort of adapters and converters, but none worked. So we could still not deliver the computer to a large industrial company in Mapthaphut.
DELL support refused to send a technician. Next the DELL support went to an IT Center to buy some adapters which they insist we should try first (note, those are non DELL adpaters). Well, we have those adapters ourselves and we know they don’t work. DELL refused to send us an original DELL DVI to DELL Mini Display port cable stating that express shipping would be too expensive. But standard shipping will take 14 days, too long for us. So we told them to exchange the VGA card as we would need one with 2 DELL Display ports. Again they refused.
Keep in mind that DELL put everything together based on our requirements. They screwed it and put in either wrong cable or wrong VGA card and now refuse to help in any way. That much about spending a quarter million Baht with DELL and getting absolutely no support.

Anyway this isn’t the end yet. One of the 4 DELL monitors is not working. We requested DELL to exchange the monitor. They told us they will send a DELL technician first today (17/June 2016). As you can imagine, the DELL technician did not show up at all. And we purchased all products with next business day on site service. So we called up again and they told us to send the monitor back and just purchase a monitor somewhere else.

DELL couldn’t care less about their customers trouble caused by them.
Now for us it’s quite clear. After issues over and over again with DELL orders, there won’t be any orders anymore. We will recommend all our clients to either purchase HP Servers and PCs or buy from DELL themselves. But we won’t deal a single more time with DELL. Shame on them.

Update 2016-06-20
DELL Cares contacted me and required additional information such as Service Tags which I submitted right away. Around 2 hours later DELL Thailand called and informed they will change the graphic card. No word about the malfunctioning monitor.

Update 2016-06-23
After Dell USA enquired information 4 days ago and DELL TH solved the issue with the graphic card, I didn’t hear back from them. They’ve not send a technician to date and haven’t send us a functioning monitor neither. Next Business Day Service by DELL. What a farce.

Update 2016-06-27
@DellCares on Twitter promised the second time to look into the case and get back to us.
Nothing happened. It is getting more and more clear that even DELL USA can not get DELL Thailand to provide any customer service.

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  1. a Thai says:

    Wow! I have to reconsider about buying a Dell laptop.

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