My first impressions with iOS10 on my iPhone 6s

Please keep in mind that this is a beta version and I don’t recommend anyone to install it and certainly not on your main device.

For a beta 1 it is surprisingly stable. Sure there are glitches here and there, but for such a big update it runs quite good (so far).

I don’t talk about all the features iOS10 brings as you can find that anywhere on the internet. I’ll tell you what I like and dislike about the new iOS iteration. This represents just me and other people might feel different.


What I like

Wake on raise is extremely practical.

The camera shortcut on the lock screen is now also much improved. Just swipe to the left and camera is on.

Apple finally includes Dictionaries. Useful and long overdue.

The refreshed Contacts look is a much needed one. And it’s done quite well.

AppleMusic redesign is very well done. So much cleaner, so much more intuitive. I switched from AppleMusic to Tidal a couple of months ago but the new AppleMusic look & feel wants me to go back.

The ambient light sensor works much better now. Not that it was bad before but it adjusts better now and is more on the darker side which saves lots of battery. And I can still see everything just fine. Less strain on the eyes, at least for me.


What I dislike

First comes the Widgets. They look just terrible now with their rounded corners. They should have kept the previous style. Bringing it however to the left of your home screen is neat but not really practical. The problem now is, that you don’t have an easy way to get there from within apps. Before you just pulled down from the top of your screen and that was it. Now you need to press the home button to get out and then swipe to the left. One more step.

Edit: If you scroll down your notification center from the home screen, widgets are not available. But if you do the same from within an app, you can again swipe to the left and right to toggle between notifications and widgets.


Swiping up from the bottom brings you the Control Center. Swiping then to the left will bring the “Play Now” controls. They used to be in the Control Center before. So again, one additional step they put on us. I don’t like those ideas.

In Language & Region they added the ability to switch between Degree Celsius and Fahrenheit. While this might be a welcome feature for some, I would have preferred to have an option to change from MM/DD to DD/MM. Although Thailand officially uses DD/MM iOS thinks it must be the other way.

Notifications on the lockscreen require two steps to clear them. First swipe them to the left and then click on “clear”. Wouldn’t it be better if they disappear simply by a left swipe? Really need two steps for this?

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  1. Billy Z says:

    The new Apple Music will be refreshing. They really gummed it up a few generations ago and it’s been confusing ever since. Now that I’m happy with Deezer and Amazon Prime Music, I doubt I’ll go back to Apple Music 100% like I was before, they lost that business.
    Adding extra steps makes no sense! Android has always made jumping around and doing functions within apps much easier and practical than Apple.
    Apple seems to have really lost the innovative plot these last few years. I was hope that Mr. Ives would carry some of that Steve Jobs magic forward, but sadly, they just seem to be going with the crowd these days.

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