My first impressions of watchOS 3

The watchOS3 beta 1 runs ok on my Apple Watch though lags a bit at times. Battery seems to drain faster. A possible explanation could be the improved speed when launching apps. Most likely open apps are kept in the memory and Apple might also use additional CPU power to bring it to this speed. With watchOS 2, at the end of a typical day my watch still had around 60% battery left. With watchOS 3 it is 30%. Still enough to bring you through a day. Hence I think it is legitime what they do. Most people charge their Watch every night anyway.

The new quick settings to which you get by swiping from the bottom up is intuitive and helpful. Notification (swiping in from the top) didn’t change.

There are many more features added, but none of them are relevant to me. So I don’t list them here, you can google for them.

The big downturn for me is that Apple thinks all AppleWatch Users must be aged 15 and younger as they apparently put fun over productivity. I have no other explanation than that to why they let you swipe left and right to quickly change your watch faces but require you to press a button before you can get to the actual apps with your important information. The Samsung Gear S2 series does this much better. From your watch face you just swipe right and left to get access to all important notifications and widgets.
I would say most people do not change their watch face hourly but they need quick access to their apps ways more often. Apple’s approach to make the watchOS better is good but it’s beyond my understanding what they were thinking when making this decision.

I want to be productive and not waste my time with additional steps to get to the information I need most.

So while in general the watchOS got much better and faster, it would have been close to perfect hadn’t they got that idea with the watch faces access from the main screen instead of fast app access.

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  1. C La says:

    The idea is to have multiple watch faces, each having different information displayed. For example, make three modular watch faces. Then you swipe between the three to have almost every app available quickly displayed.

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