iOS 10 Beta 2 tested!

The second Beta of the upcoming iOS10 is here and I’ve tested it.
Beta 1 was really bad. But not because of stability, by all means its still a Beta 1 but more in terms of a couple of things Apple tried and now luckily changed back.
One important issue they fixed is concerning App updates. Whenever I updated an app, it immediately reappeared again under updates. So after 2 weeks I had a count of around 30 apps to update.

A good idea is that U.S. based people can now register as “Organ Donors” in the Health App. This is certainly a great favor to the public.

Two things I am happy they changed their mind.
• Today Widgets are back in Notification Center. GOOD!
• When unlocking by fingerprint scanner, the today widgets do not shortly pop up anymore which was quite annoying. Because of the animations it still feels a bit slow though.
• “Rest Finger to unlock”. If this feature is enabled, you don’t need to fully press the home button to unlock. It basically switches back to the old way.
• iOS 10 Beta 1 had a new keyboard click sound. They changed back to the old one in Beta 2. Well, I never use any keyboard sound anyway.

Some other useful changes
• Notification Count Badges when 3D touching a folder.
• Rich notifications via Quick Reply
• Auto lock is now moved to Display & Brightness Settings
• You can now reduce the “White Point Percentage” in the Accessibility settings.

What’s not yet working
• Many widgets still not display properly, some not show anything at all.
• Some Apps are still crashing. But again, it’s a Beta.

What I dislike
• The card style for notifications or widgets. It is so ugly. In iOS 9 it is a very modern style. But in iOS 10 it’s plain ugly. Frankly, I dislike it so much that I might use Android over iOS just because of this.
• While you can hide some preinstalled apps you still can’t change default apps which is such a bummer. But I doubt anyway that this will ever come.
I found the Mail app to be ok, the calendar app a bit less and the reminder app is terrible.
• While raise to wake is basically convenient, every so often I find the camera to be enabled by accident. So I disabled it. A double click on the Sleep button would have been ways more convenient. At least for me.
• The messages app is, since iOS10, more or less a playground for toddlers. Maybe I am too old but all those fancy crap is really just for teenagers. And all teenagers can afford to spend so much money for an iPhone? I know, Line App, Facebook Messenger, they all came up with that “fun” stuff long ago.

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