Android or Apple? Cheap & Good vs Expensive & Good

There has always been quite a difference between cheap and expensive smartphones. But nowadays this is actually not the case anymore. But people aren’t much aware of their options when deciding on a smartphone.

Usually the first thought is whether to go for an iPhone or an Android phone.
If they ask friends or relatives for advise they are actually doomed. An Apple User tells them that Android is crap, insecure, slow updates, you name it. And an Android User tells them, that Apple is a closed system, locks you into their eco system and requires iTunes, expensive, whatsoever.

But let’s face the facts and see what is true and what not.
Because people tend to talk a lot of stupid things, judging other platforms without ever seriously having used it.

• Apple is a closed system but I don’t see this as a problem apart from the fact that I can’t change default apps which is a bit hard to understand. On macOS they do allow it, why not on iOS?
• The iPhone works just fine without iTunes.
• iPhone is definitely overpriced.
• Apple locks you into your eco system is only partially true. It’s simply up to you to use it or not. For each, iCloud Email, Notes, iCloud Photos, Apple Music, Movies whatever, you have a great choice of alternative cross platform apps.
• Android is crap is what I consider the most unqualified statement. Those people never used it.
• Android is insecure is also a common statement to scare people off the platform. I personally know many people using Android. And none of them ever had their Android device infected unless they wouldn’t know about it until today. If you don’t root your Android device and you do not side-load apps, and if you have comparable devices to the iPhone which are usually updated regularly, your chance to catch malware is as likely as dying in an airplane crash. Security, when deciding between iPhone and Android should not be the decision maker. I know this is arguable for many of you and this represents only my opinion.
• Slow Updates is indeed a problem on many Android phones. This is not Google’s fault though. If you buy a Nexus device you get instant updates just like iOS. It’s not fair to compare the os update history of Samsung, HTC, LG and such devices with the iPhone. Apple makes software and hardware. So let’s compare it with Google and its Nexus devices only. In this case, you won’t have any delay with updates.

Now back to the topic of this article.
A Nexus 6P or a OnePlus 3 costs a fraction of an iPhone. But their hardware isn’t any worse by any means, often enough even beats the iPhone.
I never tested the Nexus 6P but I am using, apart from my iPhone 6s, the OnePlus 3. This device is a premium built. Anodized aluminum on the back, 6 (SIX!!!) GB of Ram, 64 GB storage, DUAL SIM, 5.5” Super Amoled Display, great battery life. And comes with the latest Software.
So we can compare this device with the iPhone 6s Plus 64 GB. That one costs in Thailand around 35,000 Baht, contract free. That’s USD 1,000.
Now I dare to say, that the OnePlus 3, apart from the camera (which is still great) is an equally or even better device. With the difference that you only pay USD 399 for it. I am not rich, not poor. Paying for the iPhone 6s Plus 64 GB wouldn’t hurt me at all. In fact, I always had the most current iPhone, often an Android device at the same time. Because I always want to stay on top of both worlds. But if I have to decide, how could I justify to pay 2.5 times the price for the iPhone? Again, the security nonsense isn’t valid for me. Reading the stats is scary, yes, but in real life, how many people do you know ever having a malware infected Android phone?

The Nexus 6P with 64 GB is around USD 450 and also an insanely good device. What will Apple do if more manufacturers built such high quality devices at such an incredible low price? Look at Huawei’s 9 Plus for just USD 485. One can’t go wrong with such a phone for such a price.

How about their strategy in China and India? Frankly, I doubt they will ever get a reasonable market share there. Currently in India, iOS is at 2.81% and in China at 8.2% (April 2016). While it’s still a good number in China, the sales are decreasing and so does the marketshare as a result.

Will this eventually affect Apple’s pricing some day? Unlikely. But more people might consider not to buy an iPhone if they can get similar quality for less than half the price. Apple will still be the most profitable company thanks to the extremely high markup. Even with a 5% market share they would still generate more money than any other smartphone manufacturer. But the lower market share would put Apple into hot water as investors would be extremely worried sending the Apple share to nosedive. And one single bad iPhone iteration could then do the final damage.

While this scenario is a bit exaggerated, I mean I am not a market analyst at all, it is however not impossible neither.

Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below.

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