Just some Tech News 2016-08-30

– Apple’s iPhone 7 Event on 7/September.

– Microsoft will stop developing Skype app for Windows & Mac and push to browser based version. Try the Beta

– We ordered AIS Fiber Internet. All corporate packages come with a fixed IP starting at 1,190 Baht for 30/10 and Home Packages starting at 590 Baht for 15/5. We will give you a review if we are a month or two into using it. Hopefully we can trash TRUE afterwards.

TicWatch 2 should arrive to backers in September. Looking forward to mine. Review will come.

Google Duo is a must have for Cross Platform Video Chat. Better quality than Facetime. My only complain is that they don’t have an audio-only calling feature (yet).

– Microsoft screws it again. Windows 10 anniversary update. Read more here and DO NOT INSTALL!

– iOS to support devices back to iPhone 5. Seriously? It’s barely running with iOS9!

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