From iPhone 6s to Samsung S7 to iPhone 7 Plus

Close to 2 months ago I sold my iPhone 6s. I wasn’t happy with the camera and the battery life. Often enough I didn’t make it through a day. The screen estate was a bit small as well. I decided to sell it 2 months before the iPhone 7 goes on sale so I could still get a decent price for it (and I did).

I went on and bought a Samsung S7 which I planned to test anyway.
The S7 camera beats pretty much every other smartphone camera hands down. I loved that cam.
Battery life was never giving me a headache. And charging was quite fast anyway.

On the downside, I couldn’t stream music anymore in my car. I’ve a 2011 Honda CRV and it has only an USB connector for iPods. Since I listen to Music and Podcasts most of the time when driving, this was quite frustrating. I was considering buying a new car stereo but then went for a simple audio cable which I connected from the AUX port to the headphone port of my phone.
And boy ….. was the sound quality awkward. My iPhone produced always great sound quality. But now it was so bad that I stopped listening.

The next issue I faced was the photos handling. Yes, I could take awesome photos but since I am a Mac User, all my photos are in the iCloud Photo Library. I couldn’t access my old photos on my Samsung Galaxy S7. And worse, I couldn’t get the Photos to sync to my iCloud Photo Library and from there to the Photos app on my MacBook.
I set up Dropbox to backup my pictures and sync to my Mac and then moved them manually to the Photos App. That’s sort of pain in the ….
And I could still not access my old photos. I looked into other solutions.
Google Photos was promising but they don’t have a desktop client. And I need my photos to sync to my computer. Not only for backup purpose but because I use them for websites, our online shop or anything else. And having to download them from the cloud first each time was really not an option for me. To make it short, there is no replacement for what Apple offers with iCloud Photos and the Photos App on the Mac. Everything syncs just fine between all my devices. And when I delete a photo, it’s gone from all devices.

My kids have iPads and my wife uses an iPhone. I missed “Find Friends”. Always and from anywhere I could see where my family is. But now I could only use it on my Mac, not on the Samsung S7. And how many times did my kids complain that they can’t call me on Facetime.
They are just 5 and 7 years old and their iPads are Wifi only. So Facetime was always perfectly easy for them to use. Too easy at times šŸ˜‰

The Samsung S7 display is gorgeous but also hyper sensitive. I didn’t like those touch buttons on the right and left of the home button neither. Every single time when I opened a YouTube video and turned my phone into landscape, a million things happened on the screen which mostly ended in all apps to be closed. Bloody annoying. Just picking up the phone from the table and I accidentally clicked a couple of things already. I understand this is the price of smaller bezels but you know what? I don’t want smaller bezels. I never had that sort of issues with any of my iPhones.

And then I have to say, Google Voice recognition is so much better than Siri, it’s like asking a Professor a question and comparing it to the answer you would get from a parrot.
I am native German but I always use English on my phone since I lived most of my life overseas. Of course my german accent is recognizable when I talk English. Siri barely understands me. Out of 10 questions, I am lucky if it gets just one right. Google on the other hand understands all 10 questions just fine. I used my Android Wear Watch when driving for all kind of voice controlled tasks and it worked every single time.
I have no idea why Apple is not working harder on Siri to improve it. It’s just a real dumb voice assistant as of now.

While I still loved the Samsung S7 camera and the actual size of the phone which is very close to the iPhone 7 but with a larger screen, I was more and more looking forward to the iPhone 7 sales start here in Thailand. I realized the above mentioned issues were enough for me to go back to the iPhone.

On the morning of the 21. October, which was the sales start in Thailand, I was among the first people in the store. I wanted to go big this time and selected the iPhone 7 Plus in matt black and with 128GB Storage. Damn was I happy when I had that beautiful beast in my hands.
I decided not to stop here and purchased the new Apple Watch Series 2 as well. Went for the Aluminium one with the Nylon strap.

So how did it go with the iPhone 7 Plus in the next 2 days?
In Thailand, they sell the iPhones with the Intel modem, not with the Qualcomm modem. As one can read on the internet, tons of people report that the 4G connection is all but stable with the Intel modem and ways slower compared to the iPhones sold with the Qualcomm modem. That’s not good. Weak 4G signal and all the time switching to 3G. Often enough I can’t make a call when on 4G.

I decided to install the latest iOS 10.1 public beta 5 to see if it will fix the problem. But no matter how often I installed the iOS Beta Profile, my phone always told me that my 10.0.3 is the latest version. I found that others have the same problems on all iPhone 7 but it works on older iPhones. For now I am stuck with the 4G problem waiting for the iOS 10.1 public release which should only be a few days away. And really hope they include the fix for this.

The camera is quite good when I shoot outdoors. Indoors in low light, it’s better than the iPhone 6s but still no match for the Samsung S7. But I really don’t care anymore. I can live with the picture quality and I really enjoy now how I can organize my photos on any device again.

I was also looking forward to just plugin my iPhone in the car to play music again as before.
But that didn’t quite work at first. I could play music through the phone speaker but as soon as I plugged in the lightening to USB cable, it stopped playing. I changed the cable which didn’t help and then started to search on the internet. I found a comment in a forum in which one good samaritan mentioned that you need to download at least one song to the phone before you can stream music (I use Apple Music and only stream without downloading). I thought this sounds silly. Why should it matter whether I have a single song on my iPhone to stream music from Apple Music or play my Podcasts. But since I spent too much time already with this issue, I gave it a try. And low and behold, it worked.

I was happy but in the same time upset as I don’t understand why Apple requires to have at least one song downloaded to your device before you can stream anything, even from another app via cable. It’s just plain stupid and I bet I am not the only one who spent time trying to figure this out.

The Samsung S7 is a superb device but I really missed the Apple Ecosystem which makes my life so much easier.

The iPhone 7 is quite an upgrade. I love the new home button and how snappy the phone is. Camera lunches extremely fast and battery life for the 7 Plus is awesome.
I am happy to be back to the iPhone but I don’t regret my trip to the other side neither.

And now I really need those Airpods ….

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  1. Billy says:

    Sounds good, Benny. I’ll probably get one next year. I’ll see if they will be selling them with the Qualcomm modem by then.

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