Universal Clipboard not working between iOS and Mac. – Solution

It happened frequently that the universal copy & paste, which is actually very handy, stops working between my iPhone X and MacBook.
Searching through Google showed that many have this issue. There are many suggestions how to solve it, starting with restart of the devices, signing out of iCloud, unpair Bluetooth and re-pair. None of those worked for me.
After trying everything possible, I could track it down to Keychain.
Once I disable keychain on my iOS device (and delete keychain from device), universal clipboard worked again instantly.

It’s such a great feature to have …. if it works.

So here’s for you folks, if you are searching the internet to find a solution for this problem, I hope you come over this post and it sorts it out for you.

Feel free to let me know in the comments if that worked for you (or also if not).

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